How We Got Here

Horse Centred Therapy was conceived as a business by Dawn Coupe as a result of years of passion for horses lead her to wanting to understand how horses tick, starting with the BHS she began her journey of understanding. 


When one of her own horses could not be “fixed” through conventional medical routines, she chose to look elsewhere and this began as a discovery down the route of behaviour, as the issues assumingly were not pain following thousands of pounds spent on vet investigations. However, although there may have been a couple of minor niggles, none would lead to the problems being experienced. The door then opened to study equine sports massage therapy and rehabilitation to a Level 4 Diploma on the leading course in the country for its content and understanding of biomechanics, musculoskeletal and body systems as an entirety, with The ICAT

During the time of studying he sports massage therapy and rehabilitation, Dawn’s discovery of behaviour, or more to the point just being around horses and how they understand and react to more than just the tangible, continued. She completed Reiki Level 1 and hopes to complete Reiki Level 2 which will enable her to incorporate this into the sports therapy massage process. All this brought together is an amazing powerful tool and the realisation that there is SO much more to learn, even though she is now a fully qualified Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Practitioner, ACAT Registered.

Horses are truly, the most amazing animals and therefore we owe it to them to make sure that they can perform to whatever level they are expected to, whether that is just the beautiful happy hackers, the retiree or top level show jumping, dressage or eventing, without pain from aching joints and muscles. Dawn currently runs a retirement livery which is also extending its services to include rehabilitation livery.

As the business grows Dawn will be extending services to aid new horse owners get to grips with the ins and outs of owning a horse, having found out the hard way herself. Knowing there is someone to turn to with advice that can be trusted is extremely reassuring, assisting in training, nutrition and many, many more subjects that is the minefield of owning horses.  

The presence of horses in our lives are without question a blessing!!


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